BNRC-S1 Small Roller Coaster Ride

Small Roller Coaster For Sale

Small roller coaster for sale, one of the most popular type kiddie rides in Beston factory.  Small roller coaster ride is a kind of mini train amusement fairground park ride whose size is much smaller than the big roller coaster. And usually, the small roller coaster is more attractive to kids with its animal appearance, novel design and miniature body. The small roller coaster really gives kids a sense of safety. As for Beston, we use the high quality reinforced plastic to make the roller coaster car, and the roller coaster track is made of high quality steel. Kids and adults could set their minds at ease to enjoy their thrilling trip. Small roller coaster for sale in Beston become more and more popular among the amusement park for kids.

Small Roller Coaster Ride for Sale
BNRC-S Small Fruit Worm Roller Coaster


Model: BNRC-S
Area: 8*12m
Power: 3kw
Track Length: 40m
Capacity: 12 persons

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Three Kind of Small Roller Coaster for Sale From Beston

“Mini Shuttle” Small Roller Coaster for Sale

This is a kind of small roller coaster for kids and family to ride. We also call it the vertical ring roadster. It is a kind of new kiddie ride which give us a feeling that it is a small version roller coaster. “Mini Shuttle” Small Roller Coaster is made up of several roadsters which equipped with colorful lights, music box and other cartoon decoration.

Family ride mini shuttle roller coaster roadster
BNRC-M Small Roller Coaster Mini Shuttle Ride


Model: BNRC-M
Area: 8*6m
Power: 10.8kw
Cars: 6
Track Length: 20m
Capacity: 6 persons

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“Slide Worm” Small Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

As for Beston, a professional roller coaster ride manufacturer,  we also have designed a featured slide worm roller coaster. It is made up of a huge green worm and a short roller coaster steel track. “Slide Worm” small size roller coaster is suitable for kiddie amusement parks and other outdoor and indoor squares. Cabins of the green worm are made of quality fiberglass which is more durable for frequently use. More amusement park owners apt to choose more small roller coaster for their business with its lower cost and less occupied area.

Small Roller Coaster Slide Worm For Kids
BNRC-W Beston Small Slide Worm Roller Coaster


Model: BNRC-W
Area: 12*18m
Power: 10.8kw
Height: 60cm
Track Length: 65m
Capacity: 14 persons

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“Slide dragon” Small Roller Coaster for Sale

“Slide Dragon” roller coaster ride is made up of a cute large size dragon carriage and a steel track. There are many different types of small dragon roller coaster rides you can buy in our factory. Beston slide dragon roller coaster rides can be customized according to your requirement, we can manufacture red slide dragon roller coaster rides, golden dragon small slide dragon roller coaster and yellow small slide dragon roller coaster.  Different sizes and colors of Beston small roller coaster will be made for your funfair and amusement parks.

BNRC-S1 Small Roller Coaster Ride
Beston Small Slide Dragon Roller Coaster Ride


Model: BNRC-S1
Area: 25*18m
Power: 10.8kw
Height: 240cm
Track Length: 100m
Capacity: 14 persons

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BNRC-S2 Beston small roller coaster thrill ride
Kiddie Rides Small Dragon Roller Coaster Ride


Model: BNRC-S2
Area: 20*15m
Power: 10kw
Height: 240cm
Track Length: 80m
Capacity: 16 kids

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Features Beston Small Roller Coasters for Sale

  • Made of quality FRP and equipped with colorful lights, wonderful music and fadeless painting.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor sites and other amusement parks.
  • Quantity of the roadsters can be customize.
  • Attractive to kids with its grand shape, novel design, beautiful appearance.

Beston Small Roller Coaster Rides for Sale You Can Buy

Looking for Small Roller Coaster Rides for Your Park? Try Beston smaller roller coaster rides Now – Large roller coaster manufacturers in China! Beston small roller coaster for sale is made by  FRP which refer to Fiber Reinforced Plastic and stainless steel. The smaller size roller coasters are inexpensive, safety, attractive appearance, safe and fascinating which is loved by kids and adults. Small roller coaster trains/ carriage are often designed as different vivid cartoon figures which is painted with colorful painting and drew many children’s attention to come to play on the small roller coasters in the Amusement park and theme parks. Also, small roller coaster tracks can be made with single ring or double rings.

The track length of Beston small roller coasters can be lengthened or shortened and customized according to your requirement, and color or appearance of roller coaster also can be customized. Smaller roller coaster ride is operated by a control box. When it begin to work, the passengers on it will rotate with long track and enjoy the wonderful travel. A great kiddie theme rides – small roller coaster rides here in Beston You Can Buy! Contact Us and Welcome to our factory Now!

If you are interested in our roller coaster, feel free to send us your inquiry now. We will reply you in 24 hours!