Beston quality backyard small roller coaster ride

Mini Roller Coaster For Sale

Mini roller coaster is a kind of roller coaster which is smaller in size, there are two kind of mini roller coaster, one is the mini roller coaster for small amusement, theme parks, the other one is the roller coaster for home or backyard use. Roller coaster is a kind of thrill amusement ride for the funfair and amusement parks, it is suitable for people who is brave and old enough. But this kind of mini roller coaster is a perfect ride for kiddie who wants to have fun on the roller coaster ride. It is safe enough for kids, and also attractive to kids with its colorful cartoon themes.

Slide Worm Kids Mini Roller Coaster
BNRC-S Beston Mini Roller Coaster With Slide Worm Theme


Model: BNRC-S
Area: 8*18m
Height: 3.2m
Power: 220V
Capacity: 14 persons

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Three Mini Roller Coaster

“Slide Worm” mini roller coaster

“Slide Worm” mini roller coaster is one kind of new amusement track ride which is designed according to the special request of the market. Its body is a huge green worm which is more attractive to kids, it is suitable for funfairs, squares, amusement parks, other indoor and outdoor amusement attractions. This cute slide worm roller coaster is made of quality fiberglass which with the characters of environmental, corrosion resistance and high stability. It is a kind of mini track train ride which is moving in the air. This mini roller coaster for sale has become more and more popular with its novel appearance and lower cost.

Kiddy size mini roller coaster for sale
BNRC-W Mini Green Worm Roller Coaster Ride


Model: BNRC-W
Power: 5kw
Height: 2.4m
Power: 380V
Capacity: 18 persons

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Mini shuttle roller coaster for kids for sale

Mini Shuttle Kiddie Roller Coaster

The mini-shuttle kiddie roller coaster, also known as the Rendezvous Coupe, mountain car or the standing car in our factory ...
Beston red dragon roller coster rides for sale

Dragon Roller Coaster for Sale

Want to buy new dragon roller coaster for sale from Henan Beston Amusement Rides? Let's get more information about these ...

“Slide dragon” mini roller coaster

“Slide Dragon” mini roller coaster is also one kind of new amusement track ride. Its body is a huge but cute dragon which is more attractive to kids. The whole roller coaster body is driven by two transmission, and travels along two spiraling orbits. The slide dragon roller coaster sometimes hovering, sometimes dramatically and it keep going up and down with wonderful music. And it indeed bring more entertainment for the passengers.

Mini theme park kids roller coaster for sale
Beston Mini Slide Dragon Roller Coaster For Sale


Model: BNRC-F1
Track Length:
Power: 6.5KW
Voltage: 380V
Cover Area: 24*12m
Capacity: 16 persons

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Backyard mini roller coaster

With its mini size, this kind of roller coaster roadster could also be placed at the backyard, it is more attractive to kids. The quantity of the cabin could be customize according to the customer’s special request.

Beston mini roller coaster ride
BNRC-12A Miniature Roller Coaster Roadster Ride For Backyared


Model: BNRC-12A
Power: 3.5kw
Diameter: 8*10m
Power: 380V
Capacity: 12 persons

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Features of Beston Mini Roller Coaster

  • Novel design and cute appearance, attractive to kids.
  • Quality roller coaster equipment with reasonable prices.
  • Professional research and development team, professional installation skills.

Mini roller coaster is small in size and attractive in appearance, they are attractive to kids in the amusement parks and funfairs. If you want to get a set of mini roller coaster for your funfair or amusement park, welcome to contact us for details.

If you are interested in our roller coaster, feel free to send us your inquiry now. We will reply you in 24 hours!