Beston quality roller coaster car for sale

Roller Coaster Cars For Sale

Roller coaster cars for sale, also called roller coaster train, is a important part for the roller coaster ride, just as the roller coaster track. Only a track is not enough, a quality and novel design roller coaster car will earn you lots of passengers. As we have seen at the amusement or theme parks, most of the roller coaster is made up of a long track and a grand train-like carriage, amusement ride manufacturer often call it the roller coaster car.

Beston roller coaster car for sale
BNRC-1 Wild Mouse Kiddie Roller Coaster Car Ride


Model: BNRC-1
Name: Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Car
Capacity: 1 kid

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But with the development of amusement industry, there emerges lots of small size roller coaster which is made up of a short track and a cute animal-shape car ride or a short oval orbit track and several roadsters. The roller coaster body which is made up several roadsters is suitable for kids with its high safety and grand appearance. These new shape roller coaster ride become more and more attractive to kids.

Beston Roller Coaster Cars For Sale

Beston roller coaster car with slide worm theme
BNRC-2 Kids Slide Worm Roller Coaster Car


Model: BNRC-2
Name: Slide Worm Roller Coaster Car
Capacity: 2 kids

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Beston quality roller coaster car for sale
Dragon Slide Roller Coaster Car For Kids


Model: BNRC-3
Name: Dragon Slide Roller Coaster Car
Capacity: 2 kids

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As a professional roller coaster designer, Beston has developed several types of mini roller coaster car. For example, the wild mouse roller coaster car, the “slide worm” roller coaster car, the ” slide dragon” roller coaster car and several types roller coaster roadster.

Features of Beston Roller Coaster Cars

  • Varies of themes roller coaster cars are available in Beston.
  • Small roller coaster cars are attractive to kids, while big roller coaster cars are safety enough for passengers.
  • Other roller coaster cars you need can be customize.
  • High quality roller coaster cars/trains for you to replace the old sets.

Why You Need to Buy Roller Coaster Cars from Beston Amusement?

Beston, a leading large roller coaster rides manufacturer and supplier who has its own factory and large scale warehouse. We manufacturing all kinds of roller coaster rides with 3 to 10 rings. Thrill roller coasters with premium quality which has been exported to different countries, Pakistan , Iraq and Russia. We also provide many types of roller coaster cars for you to choose when decorate the roller coaster set. We sell roller coaster cars attached with roller coaster rides, we also sell them individually. We have dragon theme roller coaster cars, green worm and red worm roller coasters and normal appearance roller coaster cars for large thrill roller coaster. Welcome to buy your new roller coaster cars.

If you are interested in our roller coaster, feel free to send us your inquiry now. We will reply you in 24 hours!