roller coaster track in our factory

Roller Coaster Track For Sale

Beston produce all kinds of roller coaster track for sale with different length. With the development of thrill rides industry, there appears many kinds of roller coaster rides, the steel roller coasters,family roller coaster, wooden roller coasters, backyard roller coasters, flying roller coasters, suspended roller coasters, inverted roller coasters, floorless roller coaster, wild mouse roller coasters and other small size roller coaster thrill rides. But safety is the main factor when customers choosing the ride for his business.

Roller Coaster Track

roller coaster track in our factory
BNRT-A Large Roller Coaster Tracks


Model: BNRT-A
Name: 3 ring track
Material: Strong steel
Length: 200m

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Roller coaster track is one of the important part for this equipment. Each set of roller coaster rides can work without a track. Wooden roller coaster track is fixed by sleeper and brace summer, but steel roller coaster track is made up of several small widgets, using special steel craft to make a curved track and then provide the roller coaster car a multiple movement path.

Large roller coaster track

Beston giant roller coaster ride for sale
3 Ring Large Thrill Roller Coaster


Model: BNRT-1
Name: 3 ring track
Material: Strong steel
Length: 120m

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Backyard Steel Roller Coaster Track for Sale

Track of the roller coaster ride
Backyard Roller Coaster Ride with Track For Sale


Model: BNRC-S2
Area: 20*15m
Power: 10kw
Track Length: 80m
Capacity: 16 kids

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Kids Roller Coaster Track

Beston kids roller coaster track
Kids Roller Coaster Track For Fun


Model: BNRC-M
Area: 8*6m
Power: 10.8kw
Cars: 8
Track Length: 35m

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Advantages of Beston Roller Coaster Track for Sale

    • Length of the track could be customized.
    • Fadeless painting present you a brand-new equipment during the using process.
    • Solid foundation will promise the safety of passengers.

Block system is one of the most important safety system that implemented in roller coasters. Lots of huge roller coasters will run two or more trains at one time, and in this moment, the block system will prevents these train from colliding. Usually the track will be divided into several sections. So in order to prevent the roller coaster from colliding and keep safety, the block system should always keeps a good working condition.

As a thrill ride manufacturer who has involved in the amusement ride industry for more than 20 years, tracks of the roller coaster are  all made of quality steel, there will be a strong base for the whole roller coaster ride. With fadeless  painting and its quality design, Beston roller coaster has won lots of praises from our old customers.  Professional technicians and experience workers will help you to finish the whole installation process. We had exported many sets of roller coaster rides with tracks to different countries, like the roller coaster rides to Pakistan and the roller coaster rides to Iraq.

If you are interested in our roller coaster, feel free to send us your inquiry now. We will reply you in 24 hours!