Beston Large Roller Coaster to Iraq

We had exported one set of 440 meters large roller coaster to Iraq several weeks ago, a medium 3 ring roller coaster ride. It is installed at an amusement park in Iraq. Do you want to get price of 3-ring roller coaster for your amusement park? Contact Beston team now!

Beston Medium Three Ring Roller Coaster for Iraq

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Different Types of Roller Coasters from Beston

As a leading roller coaster rides manufacturer, Beston Amusement offer all types of roller coaster rides which including kiddie roller coaster, mini roller coaster, dragon roller coaster, slide worm roller coaster, 3 ring roller coasters, 4 loop roller coaster, 6 ring roller coaster rides and etc. Are you looking for new roller coaster rides for your business? Send your inquiry now!

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