Beston Flying Roller Coaster for Sale

Flying Roller Coaster for Sale

Flying roller coaster for sale is a type of roller coaster which belongs to the most thrill rides in the amusement industry. Flying roller coaster is a kind of suspended steel rail roller coaster. Roller coaster cars are suspended below the track. Flying roller coaster comes with different sizes, medium 3 ring roller coaster, 4 ring roller coaster and even 7 ring roller coaster. Most of the flying roller coaster are designed for adults. But if you build it for kids, you should tell us, kids flying roller coaster should be slow and gentle enough. Welcome to buy our qualified flying roller coaster rides for your theme park.

Beston Flying Roller Coaster for Sale
BNRC-L1 Beston Flying Roller Coaster


Name: Flying Roller Coaster
Power: 80KW
Voltage: 380V

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780 Meter Flying Roller Coaster Rides
BNRS-20A Flying Roller Coaster


Model: BNRS-20A
Power: 210KW
Track Length: 780m
Cover Area: 145*70m
Speed: 80.4km/h
Capacity: 20 persons

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More Details about Beston Flying Roller Coaster Rides

Flying roller coaster rides can be run with 2 trains on the track. Each set of roller coaster train will carry 26 passengers. Before the flying roller coaster train is running, a special mechanism at the platform will place the cockpit and passengers to a horizontally suspended prone position and lock them at the same time to protect their safety. Then the device will transmits the roller coaster train to the lifting mechanism. The chain will lifts the train to the highest track. After the point was released, the train will be guided by the gravity to freely dive and tumble. The roller coaster cars will provide safe and comfortable support for the passenger’s back and legs. During the whole process of gliding on the track, passengers will experience several accelerations in different directions.

Features of Beston Flying Roller Coaster for Sale

  • Size of the track can be customized according to your requirement.
  • Warranty for flying roller coaster is one year.
  • Payment terms is that you can pay 30% deposit in advance and pay the left 70% before shipment through Western Union, L/C, T/T and etc.

Flying Roller Coaster Rides Manufacturer and Supplier – Beston Group

Beston Group, leading amusement park rides manufacturer in China who is specialized in designing and producing large roller coaster rides. Our flying roller coaster and also suspended roller coaster are widely asked since they had been online. We had exported many sets of large amusement rides to different countries, Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Australia, South Africa, Iraq, Iran and etc. We had built several parks in Pakistan, Russia and etc. If you need to buy our large flying roller coaster rides. Now contact us, our sales manager will reply you soon with experienced products knowledge. We, Beston Group, hope to corporate with you!

If you are interested in our roller coaster, feel free to send us your inquiry now. We will reply you in 24 hours!