3 Ring Roller Coaster for Sale

3 Ring Roller Coaster for Sale

The 3 ring roller coaster for sale In Beston belongs to a smaller roller coaster which consists of overhead tracks, traction systems and trains. Overhead track of 3 ring roller coaster rides consists of a 360 degree vertical loop and two 360 degree spiral loops. The traction machine lifts the train to the highest point of 25 meters and then automatically performs a large-scale dive, a 360-degree vertical tumbling and two 360-degree spiral tumbling. The rider has both altitude, speed, dive and weightlessness. The feeling of being overweight, but also the experience of greater centrifugal force. Are you looking for big roller coaster? Try 3 ring roller coaster now!

3 Ring Roller Coaster for Sale
BNRC-3R 3 Ring Roller Coaster

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Parameters of the 3 Ring Big Roller Coaster Rides

Length of the Track 498 meter
The Highest Point of the Equipment 23 meter
Running Period 100s
Quantity of Cars 6
Capacity of the Equipment 24
Power 10kw
Voltage 380V
Highest Speed 75km/h

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