Amusement Park Roller Coaster Rides

Amusement Park Roller Coasters for Sale

Popular amusement park roller coasters for sale you can purchased from Beston Company. Roller coasters, has been one of the most popular and thrill rides in the amusement parks. Almost each amusement park will install at least one roller coaster rides. There are many types of new amusement park roller coasters for sale that suitable for amusement parks, theme parks and funfairs. Welcome to buy amusement park roller coasters from Beston Amusement Equipment.

Amusement Park Roller Coaster Rides
BNSC-24A Amusement Park Roller Coaster Rides

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Amusement Park Roller Coaster Rides
BNSC-24B Amusement Park Roller Coaster Rides

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Large 3 Ring Roller Coaster for Sale from Beston
BNSC-24M Large 3 Ring Roller Coaster

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNSC-24M
Power: 120KW
Track Length: 730m
Cover Area: 155*55m
Capacity: 24 persons
Time for 1 Circle: 138s

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Amusement Park Large Roller Coaster for Sale

When we talking about amusement park roller coaster rides, we always refers to the large roller coaster rides. Large roller coaster and Ferris wheel are popular in the amusement park. But they are different from each other. When people going to amusement park, most of them prefer to ride roller coaster. Because roller coaster rides are most interesting than ferris wheel for adults. As a manufacturer, Beston mainly produce 2 ring roller coaster rides, 3 ring roller coaster rides, 4 ring roller coaster rides, 5 ring roller coaster rides, 6 ring roller coaster rides. We provide our customer the best amusement park roller coaster rides.

Cheap Roller Coaster for Sale

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6 Ring Roller Coaster Sale In Beston Amusement

6 Ring Roller Coaster Sale

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Big Roller Coaster For Sale

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Amusement Park Small Roller Coaster for Sale

When we talking about small roller coaster, we can say that most of small roller coaster rides are designed for kids. We also call them small climbing coaster rides. It is one of the popular electric track rides for kids which is similar with the electric track trains rides. As for Beston Amusement, we mainly produce the dragon amusement park roller coaster rides (red dragon roller coaster, and yellow roller coaster rides), the slide worm kiddie roller coaster rides (green slide worm roller coasters and red slide worm roller coaster rides) and the mini shuttle roller coaster rides.

Mini shuttle roller coaster for kids for sale

Mini Shuttle Kiddie Roller Coaster

The mini-shuttle kiddie roller coaster, also known as the Rendezvous Coupe, mountain car or the standing car in our factory ...
Beston red dragon roller coster rides for sale

Dragon Roller Coaster for Sale

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Mini Roller Coaster For Sale

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How do amusement park roller coaster rides work?

There is an engine on the roller coaster car, it can’t self-powered. Usually the standard full circuit roller coaster is pulled up with a chain or a cable along with the lift hill to the first peak of the roller coaster track. Then the potential energy will accumulated by the rise in height. Then it will downward the slope. All in all, amusement park roller coaster rides are driven by the conversion of the potential energy to the kinetic energy.

Beston Amusement Equipment – one of the most professional and reliable amusement park roller coasters manufacturer and supplier. We has exported many sets of large and small roller coasters to different countries, Iraq, South Africa, Pakistan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Russia, Zambia and etc. We provide high quality large roller coaster rides for different customers, we supply best service for our customer.

If you are interested in our roller coaster, feel free to send us your inquiry now. We will reply you in 24 hours!