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Roller Coaster Price List

Roller coaster price list you can get from Beston Group. Different types of roller coaster rides, large roller coaster rides, small roller coaster rides, kiddie roller coaster rides, slide worm roller coaster and etc. All types of roller coaster rides that works in the amusement parks, funfairs and theme park. Here is a detailed price list for roller coaster rides.

Large Roller Coaster Rides Price Lists from Beston Amusement

We have large size 3 ring, 5 ring and 6 ring roller coaster rides that belongs to the thrill rides in the amusement parks. Each of set of the roller coaster have different prices. Price are depending on the length of the track and size of the roller coaster cars. They can be range from $ 700,000 to $ 1500,000 and even more. Large roller coaster will cost much more than other smaller thrill rides.

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Family Roller Coaster Rides from Beston Amusement

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Small Roller Coaster Price Lists

Smaller roller coaster rides can be smaller than the large 3 ring roller coaster rides. They covers less than the large thrill roller coaster rides. In this way, they will also cost less than the large roller coasters which is less than $ 700,000 usually. If you want to get a price list for these smaller roller coaster. Welcome to contact Beston Factory.

Kiddie Roller Coaster Rides Price Lists

Kiddie roller coaster cover less area and they usually placed in the small amusement park and funfairs. Beston kiddie roller coaster rides price lists are ranging from $ 7,0000 to $ 200,000. Maybe less or more if the materials and size if different.

Slide Worm Roller Coaster Price List

Beston slide worm roller coaster has two types, one is the green slide worm roller coaster and the other one is red worm roller coaster rides. They are all suitable for kids and used in the funfair and even family fun centers. Price list of these slide worm roller coasters are much cheap that the large thrill rides.

Dragon Slide Roller Coaster Price List

Dragon theme roller coaster rides can be the featured rides in Beston Factory. With a large dragon roller coaster cabin, these dragon slide roller coaster rides can be made as yellow dragon roller coasters, golden dragon roller coaster rides and red dragon roller coasters. Color varies, but price stay. If you want to get prices with these kiddie theme smaller roller coasters, just send us your inquiry.

We, Beston Group, produce all types of roller coasters for amusement park use with high quality and reasonable prices. welcome to contact us for price list now! Our sales manager will contact you soon.

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