Four Loop Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Four-loop Roller Coaster

Four-loop Roller Coaster, one of the most popular amusement ride for amusement park, theme park use. More and more people want to play thrill rides in the amusement park. Try this new and big four-loop roller coaster ride now!

Four Loop Roller Coaster Rides for Sale
BNRC-4L Four Loop Roller Coaster Rides

Name:  Four-loop Roller Coaster
Technical Specifications:
Track Length: 680m
Track Height: 33m
Seat Capacity: 4*6=24
Car Number: 6
Power: 120kw
Voltage: 380V 50Hz
Maximum Speed: 75km/h
Ride Time: 140s
Occupied Area: 145*46m
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Four-loop roller coaster mainly consists of overhead tracks, traction systems and trains. The overhead track of this roller coaster mainly composed of two 360 degree. ゚The vertical ring consists of two 360-inch spiral rings. The tractor automatically lifts the train to the highest point of 33 meters and then automatically decouples and slides. Perform a large angle dive in succession, twice 360 ゚
Vertical tumbling and two 360 ゚ spiral tumbling. During the ride, experiences of height, speed, dive, weightlessness, overweight, and greater centrifugal force.

Beston four-loop roller coaster consists of the overhead rail, traction system and trains, etc.,traction engine gives power to the train, when moves to the highest point, it automatically decoupling slide, with a large angle down thrust, vertical roll and spiral rolls, when sliding, tourists can feel the height, speed, down thrust, weightlessness and overweight, and also experience heavy centrifugal force. Its main characteristics are: safe and reliable, good ornamental, strong stimulation, large carrying capacity, high cost performance. It can be treat as land mark equipment of the amusement park.

When riding on the four-loop roller coaster, sometimes we dive and go down, and sometimes the electric shuttle, the roaring roller coaster is one of the projects that young people love. The train was lifted to the highest end of the track, and immediately turned into a 360° free high-speed taxi along the track, and the tourists sat comfortably on the seat, stimulating without any panic.

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