Beston quality roller coaster ride for amusement

Big Roller Coaster For Sale

Big roller coaster for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement. It is suitable for amusement parks and theme park. The big roller coaster is large, it is one of the most thrill amusement ride which is designed by amusement ride manufacturers. These giant roller coaster usually used for large-scale amusement parks and theme parks. We can see two kinds of roller coasters according to its materials, one is the wooden roller coaster and the other one is the steel roller coaster. But from the roller coaster manufacturing factory, you can only buy steel roller coasters. Want to buy a big roller coaster for your park project? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement.

Beston quality roller coaster ride for amusement
BNRC-L Large Equipment Big Roller Coaster For Sale


Model: BNRC-L
Power: 230KW
Track Length: 700m
Cover Area: 145*80m
Capacity: 28 persons

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Brief Introduction of Big Steel Roller Coasters for sale

Generally speaking, the steel roller coaster is a kind of roller coaster whose track is made of steel. It is safer than the wooden one. The big steel roller coaster will bring passengers a taller and faster ride. According to the working styles, roller coaster will be divided into 4 type as flying roller coaster, inverted roller coaster, floorless and suspended roller coaster. Most of the roller coaster manufacturers will only make the big steel roller coaster. Beston amusement ride is one of this. Big theme park roller coaster is the most attractive thrill ride for people who love to playing rides in the amusement park.

Big Flying Roller Coaster

It is a new concept design for large roller coaster. The car of the roller coaster are suspended below the track. There are many types and sizes of flying roller coasters in Beston. This kind of steel roller coaster can be played by small children with its slow speed and gentle mood.

Thrill flying roller coaster ride for sale
BNRC-L1 Large Flying Roller Coaster Ride


Name: Flying Roller Coaster
Power: 80KW
Voltage: 380V

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Big Suspended Roller Coasters for Sale

It is a type of steel roller coaster in which the car hangs from the bottom of the rolling stock. When the roller coaster train races along the track, it will make the car and passengers to swing side to side. Suspended roller coasters can be the most popular big roller coaster rides in Beston Factory.

Beston suspended ride roller coaster for sale
Quality Suspended Roller Coaster


Model: BNRC-P
Power: 230KW
Voltage: 380V
Cover Area: 145*80m
Capacity: 20 persons

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Beston Giant Roller Coaster Ride For Sale
BNRC-A Big Roller Coaster Ride For Sale


Model: BNRC-A
Power: 197.5KW
Track Length: 267m
Cover Area: 200*22m
Capacity: 24 persons

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Amusement Thrill Roller CoAster Ride For Sale
BNRC-B Giant Roller Coaster With 2 Ring For Fun


Model: BNRC-B
Power: 6KW
Track Length: 120m
Cover Area: 15*10m
Speed: 25km/h
Capacity: 20 persons

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Giant quality roller coaster thrill equipment for sale
BNRC-C Thrill Roller Coaster Ride For Sale


Model: BNRC-C
Power: 88KW
Track Length: 495m
Cover Area: 111*46m
Speed: 70km/h
Capacity: 24 persons

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Inverted Roller Coaster for Sale

Inverted roller coaster ride is a roller coaster in which the train runs under the track with the seats directly attached to the wheel carriage. This latter attribute is what sets it apart from the older suspended coaster, which runs under the track, but swings via a pivoting bar attached to the wheel carriage. The inverted roller coaster type’s inverted orientation distinguishes it from a traditional roller coaster, where the passengers’ legs rather than arms are exposed.

Floorless Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Floorless Roller Coaster is a type of steel roller coaster where passengers sit with no floor, and their feet are allowed to swing freely above the roller coaster track.

Advantages of Beston Big Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

  • Thrill and excitement: Roller coasters are designed to provide riders with a thrilling and exciting experience. Beston Big Roller Coaster Rides are no exception, as they offer high speeds, steep drops, and inversions that create a rush of adrenaline.
  • Variety of designs: Beston offers a wide variety of roller coaster designs, from classic wooden coasters to modern steel coasters with loops, corkscrews, and other exciting features. This allows amusement park operators to choose a coaster that fits their park’s theme and target audience.
  • High capacity: Beston Big Roller Coaster Rides are designed to handle large volumes of riders, which means shorter wait times for guests and more revenue for park operators.
  • Durability and safety: Beston uses high-quality materials and rigorous safety standards to ensure that their roller coasters are safe, reliable, and long-lasting. This reduces maintenance costs and improves the overall safety of the ride.
  • Increased park attendance: Roller coasters are often the main attraction of amusement parks, and Beston Big Roller Coaster Rides can attract more visitors to the park, increasing revenue and boosting the park’s profile.

All models of big roller coaster rides from Beston Amusement Equipment you can buy. Large thrill roller coasters for theme parks, amusement park, fairground, funfairs. If you are interested in buying big roller coasters for your business. Welcome to contact us! Recently, Beston roller coaster rides has been exported to Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Iraq etc.

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