24 Passengers 3 Ring Roller Coaster for Sale

Cheap Roller Coaster for Sale

Beston cheap roller coaster for sale with high quality has two sizes, one is the large roller coaster, and the other one is the small roller coaster. We produced large roller coasters with 3-10 rings. The track length can be ranged from 5—1000 meters. Our roller coaster rides are made of steel. They are best and the cheapest roller coaster you can buy in our factory. These rides are suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs, carnival and other large playground. Welcome to choose your roller coaster rides from our factory.

24 Passengers 3 Ring Roller Coaster for Sale
BNSC-24R 6 Ring Cheap Roller Coaster

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNSC-24R
Power: 90KW
Track Length: 495m
Cover Area: 85*30m
Capacity: 16 persons
Time for 1 Circle: 100s

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6 Ring Cheap Roller Coasters for Sale
BNSC-24D Suspended Roller Coaster for Sale

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNSC-24D
Drive Power: 90KW
Height of the Track: 28m
Track Length: 500m
Cover Area: 95*56m
Capacity: 12 persons
Speed: 74.4 km/h
Running Time: 105s

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This roller coaster consists of a single roller coaster train with 6 cars which capable of carrying 24 passengers. This equipment begins when the roller coaster train is pulled backwards from the docked station and up the first lift hill by a car. After being released, the roller coaster train will passes through the station and then enters cobra roll element, then travels through a vertical loop. After being pulled up to a second lift hill, the train is released to head backwards through each inversion once more. The train slows down when upcoming backwards and then it comes to a round & complete trip.

Technical Parameters of Our Cheap Roller Coaster Rides for Sale (4 Models)

Track Length Track Height Driving Power Max Sliding Speed Car Cover Area
280m 8m 4KW <40km/h 5 pcs 27m*36m
180m 7m 4KW <35km/h 4 pcs 27m*36m
730m 33.5m 120kw <80km/h 6pcs 155m*55m
495m 25m 90kw <65km/h 4pcs 85m*30m

 Advantages of Beston Cheap Roller Coaster Rides

  • Easy to operate with the control module, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • High quality with competitive price, free install video and all-around post services.
  • Beston cheap roller coasters usually decorated with colorful led lights and music. The MP3 system will provide you the choosing system, people could choose their favorite music through the USB.
  • Beston roller coaster rides are made of high quality FRP and Steel. Main structure of the track are made of steel while the decorations and roller coaster cars are made of FRP (refers to fiberglass). The FRP is a good corrosion resistant materials and insulating materials and thermal insulation material, they have high tensile strength.

Cheap Roller Coaster for Sale  – Beston Roller Coaster Rides Manufacturer

Beston is a professional amusement park rides company which combining development, designing, manufacturing and selling. Our cheap roller coaster rides has passed the ISO 9001, CE, SONCAP and other international standard. We have our own factory and a workshop with more than 30000 squares. We manufacturing these roller coaster in our factory. We provide our customer the factory prices. Our roller coaster rides has been exported to more than 20 countries such as Iraq, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia, Korea, Brazil, Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine and etc.

Welcome your visiting and negotiation for large and small roller coaster rides. We are professional cheap roller coaster for sale manufacturer in China. Our cheap roller coaster rides can be customized according to your requirement. If you need to buy cheap price roller coaster rides with high quality. Contact Us and really Welcome to buy Beston Roller Coaster Rides Now!

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