6 Ring Roller Coaster Sale In Beston Amusement

6 Ring Roller Coaster Sale

6 Ring Roller Coaster is made according to the national standards in our factory which is one of the most popular large roller coaster sale in our factory. Six ring roller coaster is made up of sliding rails, columns, 6 trains, traction systems, brake systems, electrical systems and other components. With high-speed subduction down section, high-multitude flip of vertical section, spiral segment, horizontal ring and other sections, then a length of 720 meter huge roller coaster is made out. Interested in install a large 6 ring roller coaster for amusement park? Contact us for details now!

6 Ring Roller Coaster Sale In Beston Amusement
BNSR-24A 6 Ring Roller Coaster

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Parameters of the 6 Ring Big Roller Coaster Rides

Length of the Track 720 meter
The Highest Point of the Equipment 33 meter
Running Period 130s
Quantity of Cars 6
Capacity of the Equipment 24
Power 120kw
Cover Area 150m*50m
Highest Speed 80km/h

The roller coaster train is made up of 6 cars, each cars could accommodate 4 passengers. Passengers sitting in the car. The car connected with the frame, the frame connected with the bridge. Each side of the wheel is equipped with a set of wheels. Each set of wheels include 2 bearing wheel, 2 side wheels and 2 inverted wheels. Each wheel group will wrapped the rail from up, under and inner these three directions. The wheel bridge is articulated via the connector.

There are two sets of brake systems. One is set in the platform and composed of four sets of brake device (No 1-4) while the other one is set in the buffer zone and composed of eight groups of brake devices (No5-12). Each set of brake system have airbags, through the pneumatic system to control the airbag inflatable brake. When the station brake is released, the train will slides down to the lifting section by inertia and the train will drive by the motor of the traction device to raise the train to the highest point of the roller coaster track. The train will sliding along with the rail under the action of gravity potential energy. During the taxiing process, passengers could experience the overweight, weightlessness and other strong stimulation. In this way, the six ring roller coaster sale in our factory will meet the needs of pleasure and satisfied them.

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