5 Ring Roller Coaster Rides

5 Ring Roller Coaster for Sale

5 Ring Roller Coaster for sale, mainly refers to the big roller coaster rides with a 720 meters long track. Highest speed of this 5 ring roller coaster can be up to 80km/h. The running period of this ride is 136 second. There equipment with a roller coaster train which contains 6 cars at the same time. Each of the car will carry 4 passengers which means the whole capacity of this 5 ring roller coaster is 24 person.  It is one of the most popular big size roller coaster that people will choose for their amusement park, theme park. Welcome to consult more about this 5 ring roller coaster rides.

5 Ring Roller Coaster Rides
BNRS-20A 5 Ring Roller Coaster


Model: BNRS-20A
Power: 210KW
Track Length: 780m
Cover Area: 145*70m
Speed: 80.4km/h
Capacity: 20 persons

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Parameters of the 5 Ring Big Roller Coaster Rides

Length of the Track 720 meter
The Highest Point of the Equipment 33 meter
Running Period 136s
Quantity of Cars 6
Capacity of the Equipment 24
Power 120kw
Voltage 380V
Highest Speed 80km/h

Why Choose 5 Ring Roller Coaster Rides for Sale  from Beston

The reason why you need to buy a 5 ring roller coaster from Beston? Find here. Big size 5 ring roller coaster, a basic roller coaster structure which includes climbing, sliding, reversing and other systems. Design of the five-ring roller coaster it not a complete cycle and there is no need. We manufacturing 4 person carriage for 5 ring roller coaster, but we also provide 2 person and 6 person carriages.  When the roller coaster begin to running, it  looks like a flying track train. This is really amazing than the ground track trains in the amusement park. Perfect thrill rides for theme parks you can buy, isn’t it? Welcome to Buy  big roller coaster rides from Beston with 5 rings immediately.

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