BNMR-12A Magic Ring Roller Coaster for Sale from Beston

Magic Ring Roller Coaster

Magic Ring roller coaster for sale in Beston factory, also called magic-loop roller coaster. It is a roller coaster that works with 90 degree vertical dive and 360 degree speed flip which span 50 meters high and let you feel the 100 km/h vertical dive and a flying thrill, no pressure shoulder strap seat gives you a real “freedom” . The shape is a unique orange red “love”, countless couples here with courage to witness love. Magic ring roller coaster is a large and thrill steel roller coaster that is sold in Beston Group! Contact us for price list about the magic loop roller coaster rides.

BNMR-12A Magic Ring Roller Coaster for Sale from Beston
BNMR-12A Magic Ring Roller Coaster


Model: BNMR-12A
Power: 290KW
Track Length: 150m
Cover Area: 55*12m
Capacity: 12 persons

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Technical Parameters of Cobra Roller Coaster – New Design

Name Magic Ring Roller Coaster
Cover Area 55m*12m
Height of the Track 54m
Length of the Track 150m
Max Speed 98km/h
Boost speed 1 m/s
Train 6 Train
Rated Capacity 12 passengers
Installed Power 290kw
Voltage 380V 50HZ
Theoretical Capacity 240p/h
Design Life Span 24 Years
Suitable for 1.3m-1.85m Body weight ≤90kg

Magic ring roller coaster, one of the most thrill roller coaster you can ride in the amusement park. It become more and more popular in the large amusement park and theme park. If you want to buy one set for your park, welcome to contact us now for more details about this magic loop roller coaster.

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